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A Linux device installer which makes it easier for newbies to install device drivers.


Subscribe to receive messages from the topics you care about, without sacrificing your identity to those you choose to hear from.

Like me

Share contact information using QR codes, covers social media accounts and business card details, with attached notes to your recipient optional.

Save my bacon

Avoid every system administrator’s nightmare, accidental file deletion. Save my bacon backs up your files before you delete or overwrite them.

Anon surveys

A means of asking sensitive questions whilst keeping the anonymity of the individual responding whilst keeping the integrity your data set.

Computers to schools

A brokerage system for sending your unwanted computers straight to a school which requests them, bypassing the bottleneck at computer recycling centers.

3 domain
Free domain names as a subdomain.

rob.3domain.net as an example, includes a pointer to your DNS records too!


These are just like the games the kids will be playing as you carpet bomb them.

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